1966. Woody Hayes was Coach at THE Ohio State University but all I could focus on was the gorgeous black-haired beauty sitting next to me in Spanish class. I was a 19-year-old frat boy with exploding hormones. Avra was 18 and…different. Instead of the standard mini-skirt and poor boy outfit with matching knee-high socks, this art student flaunted holey, paint-stained 501 bellbottoms, a ragged work shirt, and kickass Frye boots. She launched a vexing smile in my direction, and I was gone. TKO! Miraculously, I responded—yes I did—with a nod, a wink, and….

And then…Cindy came into my life. Little did I know then that Avra’s childhood doll—an eyeless spiritual being—looks inward, protects us, and teaches us to “Reach for the Stars.”

Avra is the Hebrew version of the name, Terri, so after mind-blowing escapades as Mossad black-op agents in another universe, Terri, Cindy, and I settled down in the cool-again city of Buffalo NY, and on the beach of Kiawah Island, SC. Go Bills, Sabres, and especially, Go Bucks! We have two incredible sons who married amazing women and gave us five ridiculously awesome grands. We call ourselves the Buckeye Eleven.

We’re rockin’ on. See ya on the next adventure.

You can’t make this shit up!

My latest novel, Reach for the Stars, coming to Amazon, soon!

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Image of Ohio State University – Main Building in Public Domain