Cindy - telepathic eyeless doll from the novel Altered State of Affairs by Jerald Kasimov


Cindy is an adorable baby doll that has been with my wife forever. Now, I’ve adopted her! Dressed in her original bathrobe and bunting, her age and being loved too hard have rendered her eyeless.

Cindy has always been around…

My wife would say, “Cindy is watching you…”

Pretty spooky huh?

Cindy found her way into my first book, “Altered State of Affairs.” You could say she’s a character of mine, but when I write, my characters direct the action. Having no preconceived agenda for the plot or character development, I go where they go. We are on the same journey. Cindy has grown as a character in front of my eyes—taking on her own persona—out of my control. So really, WHO is she?

Cindy can’t talk, but somehow transmits her essence—her mindset, profoundly discernible. Eyeless, but not sightless, she looks inward. She can’t hear, but she knows what I’m saying and thinking. Her unqualified kindness is evident—the highest form of wisdom.

Her reassurance is soothing. Can’t explain it—simply having her close truly comforts me, maybe through osmosis or some fourth dimension or altered state.

Einstein called this fourth dimension Time. Currently, other theoreticians are vigorously delving into this space/time continuum; it is one of the hottest areas of scientific research. As they say, you don’t know what you don’t know….

Maybe, just maybe, Cindy is a spirit from another world, or a space/time traveler—and we’re co-travelers. Could be that she lives in her own universe and comes to visit mine. Who is to say? She tells me, somehow, to relax and look inward. “Everything will be okay.”

Or possibly…Cindy, an old soul, is my conscience—my alter ego—that helps me get through the day? Hey, we all need something. I am convinced that she is very connected. Do not cross her! She knows the past and can predict the future…maybe alter it.

Cindy is a major force in my next book, “Altered State of Affairs: Reach for the Stars🌟,” coming soon.  Don’t miss it, or Cindy will not be happy with you!