Getting Old Does Not Suck...and Other Things

Getting Old Does Not Suck…and Other Things

Sure, I once ran a 10.9 hundred-yard dash in 10th grade—pretty good for a white Jewish kid from Cleveland Heights High School. Another amazing phenomenon: my wife and I hiked from Taos to Santa Fe and to an elevation of 13,000 feet…above the clouds. Now, I love the confidence of a good old-fashioned railing…pretty smart huh? You got that right! The unrelenting mavens constantly preach the new mantra, “Don’t frickin’ fall!”


My bladder used to empty in 15 seconds…now, it’s a three-minute project with intermissions. Pissing has become an art form.

So what? I’m still relevant and above ground…And that’s no small task.

Even though I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday… must’ve been tuna fish or maybe ham and eggs…who cares…as long as I can remember the characters in my books. By the way, “Reach for the Stars” is being published next month. Not bad for an old dumb ass.

Don’t Let the Old Man In,” as Toby Keith sings.

People asked me when I sold my business, “What are you going to do now?”

The answer: “Whatever I want…”

One of those “whatevers” is the book I wrote: Altered State of Affairs (now available on Amazon).