Podcast | Blurring the Lines: Exploring Intuition and the Unknown in Fiction

Podcast | Blurring the Lines: Exploring Intuition and the Unknown in Fiction

In the quiet corner of a dimly lit café, Steven sat with a steaming cup of coffee, its aroma blending with the whispers of patrons around him. Across from him sat Eric, his eyes curious and eager to explore the world of Steven’s creation. The two of them were about to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the depths of character and intuition that formed the backbone of his novel, Altered State of Affairs.

Steven took a slow sip of his coffee, letting the warmth roll over his tongue as he prepared to discuss the enigma that was Cindy. A character born from experience and memory, she was the embodiment of the unknown, challenging readers to question the boundaries of communication and the power of intuition. As he began to share his thoughts on Cindy’s unique abilities, the atmosphere in the café seemed to change, as if the very air around them vibrated with anticipation.

Together, they delved into the concept of looking inward for answers, acknowledging the courage it takes to trust oneself and move forward in life even when the answers remain elusive. They spoke of the influence of the author’s personal experiences on the creation of the book, drawing parallels between the struggles faced by the characters and the challenges encountered in real life.

As their conversation unfolded, the lines between fiction and reality began to blur, and for a brief moment, it seemed as if Cindy herself was present at the table, her silent gaze urging them to explore the depths of her story and uncover the secrets hidden within.

* This is episode 6 “Blurring the Lines: Exploring Intuition and the Unknown in Fiction” on Altered State of Affairs, The Podcast!

Buy the novel, Altered State of Affairs, by Jerald Kasimov.Altered State of Affairs, the novel, is a tale about an audacious kid from Cleveland Heights who unites in France with a beautiful Mossad agent and an eyeless doll for an adventure of a lifetime. (talk about blurring the lines!)

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Altered State of Affairs | book summary:

Steven, a freshly-minted Army Ranger and aspiring badass, can’t wait to go after some bad guys—and maybe some bad girls, too. Fortunately, a Soviet master scientist has just defected and is hiding somewhere in the rugged French Pyrenees, and Steven must find him before a sadistic terrorist does.

Along the way, he meets a traitor in a field of red poppies, a beautiful Mossad black-ops agent, some delicious cassoulet, and Cindy, the telepathic, eyeless doll.

It’s time for Steven, an atypical hero, to man up, but nothing is as it seems—least of all, Steven. The story winds through time from adolescence in 1960s Cleveland Heights to the rigors of present-day Army Ranger training in Fort Benning, non-stop death-defying action, the delights of Israeli cooking, and the tragic yet triumphant history of the Jewish People.

Oh, and there’s that beautiful Mossad agent…. But first, Steven has a world to save from a horrific weapon of mass destruction!