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Podcast | Chapters 31-33 + Push Your Boundaries

In this episode, the author of Altered State of Affairs reads chapters 31-33 and discusses how to push your boundaries. List of topics in this episode: Stephen King, science fiction, setting the scene, the alternative, the primary world, physics, “art is in the eye of the beholder”, swim upstream, taking risks, pushing your boundaries, Amazon … Read more

Badass BATs | Cleveland Heights High School

Badass BATs

Man, those were good times—free as a bird. President of BAT, short for Beta Alpha Tau, that prodigious high school fraternity—been around for almost 100 years. Great traditions and kids who would become masters of the universe in their professions: college presidents, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, professors, and now me—Steven, the Army Ranger Delta Force wannabe. … Read more

THE GAME and the Genesis of Altered State of Affairs

THE GAME and the Genesis of Altered State of Affairs

Really, it’s not a game… it’s a culture—more than that—a legacy, handed down from generation to generation. Yes—even family before us! L’dor, v’dor. Seated in alphabetical order in Señorita Gonzales’s Spanish class is where it all began—where I met Terri. “But for Ohio State.” Two amazing sons, daughters-in-law, and five astounding grandchildren later—celebrating our heritage … Read more

Writing Is Personal | Jerald Kasimov with Charleston

Writing Is Personal

I am an author—can you fucking believe that? It’s my being—consumes me. In my previous life as a dentist, I always wrote a little poetry and some short stories—never had time to do more—always working—growing a business and raising a family—not an easy task. Then, in 2007, we sold our dental group—went from 100 mph … Read more


Chapter One | Altered State of Affairs

Chapter 1  The year 2006 was a very good one; very good indeed. Saddam Hussein was killed, and I want to snuff the next crazy jihadist and all his asshole friends. Terrorists, or destructionists, as they prefer to be called, are no longer satisfied with destroying a bus, a plane, two enormous buildings, or gassing … Read more

Prologue | Altered State of Affairs

PROLOGUE  Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. ― Gerard Way  Dawn is breaking; it’s a beautiful morn. The sky, a bright azure, the air crisp—allowing nature’s dew to rejuvenate the thirsty foliage and elicit the therapeutic jasmine aroma. How do I know that condensation increases as the dew point decreases? Well, after taking … Read more