Writing Is Personal | Jerald Kasimov with Charleston

Writing Is Personal

I am an author—can you fucking believe that? It’s my being—consumes me. In my previous life as a dentist, I always wrote a little poetry and some short stories—never had time to do more—always working—growing a business and raising a family—not an easy task. Then, in 2007, we sold our dental group—went from 100 mph … Read more


Chapter One | Altered State of Affairs

Chapter 1  The year 2006 was a very good one; very good indeed. Saddam Hussein was killed, and I want to snuff the next crazy jihadist and all his asshole friends. Terrorists, or destructionists, as they prefer to be called, are no longer satisfied with destroying a bus, a plane, two enormous buildings, or gassing … Read more

Prologue | Altered State of Affairs

PROLOGUE  Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. ― Gerard Way  Dawn is breaking; it’s a beautiful morn. The sky, a bright azure, the air crisp—allowing nature’s dew to rejuvenate the thirsty foliage and elicit the therapeutic jasmine aroma. How do I know that condensation increases as the dew point decreases? Well, after taking … Read more