Cindy - telepathic eyeless doll from the novel Altered State of Affairs by Jerald Kasimov


Cindy is an adorable baby doll that has been with my wife forever. Now, I’ve adopted her! Dressed in her original bathrobe and bunting, her age and being loved too hard have rendered her eyeless. Cindy has always been around… My wife would say, “Cindy is watching you…” Pretty spooky huh? Cindy found her way … Read more

Altered State of Affairs | podcast cover

Podcast | Chapters 31-33 + Push Your Boundaries

In this episode, the author of Altered State of Affairs reads chapters 31-33 and discusses how to push your boundaries. List of topics in this episode: Stephen King, science fiction, setting the scene, the alternative, the primary world, physics, “art is in the eye of the beholder”, swim upstream, taking risks, pushing your boundaries, Amazon … Read more