Dream Big and Reach for the Stars | Podcast

Podcast | Innovation

Innovation. It’s all around us. Be it this podcast, the novel “Reach for the Stars”, the run-and-shoot offense in football, the 3-pointer in basketball, driverless vehicles, automated refrigerators, writing, or exploration. In this episode of the Altered State of Affairs podcast we discuss innovation within the rules and breaking the rules with innovation. Innovation applies … Read more

Dream Big and Reach for the Stars | Podcast

Podcast | Transference of Thought

Explore a world where the limits of the mind are challenged, and the vastness of thoughts knows no bounds. Join us as we discuss the art of being receptive and dreaming big. This is an Altered State of Affairs podcast episode all about the transference of thought. In this episode, we discuss: Welcoming the whispers … Read more

Dream Big and Reach for the Stars | Podcast

Podcast | Dream Big and Reach for the Stars

Open your mind to endless possibilities and be inspired by Cindy’s miraculous powers. The Altered State of Affairs series continues as the indomitable trio — Steven, Avra, and Cindy — return in a high-stakes adventure. As tensions simmer in a world on the brink of Russian conflict, an unexpected enemy threatens civilization. It’s a race … Read more

Cindy - telepathic eyeless doll from the novel Altered State of Affairs by Jerald Kasimov


Cindy is an adorable baby doll that has been with my wife forever. Now, I’ve adopted her! Dressed in her original bathrobe and bunting, her age and being loved too hard have rendered her eyeless. Cindy has always been around… My wife would say, “Cindy is watching you…” Pretty spooky huh? Cindy found her way … Read more

Happy New Year: REACH for the STARS

Happy New Year: Reach for the Stars

Well, it has been over twelve hours since the Buckeye’s sad loss—time to move on. After all, my sixteen-year-old granddaughter, Aliyah, is awestruck by the new prospects, the hope, and the opportunity, that 2023 offers. “It’s a fresh start,” she says, “with so many possibilities!” The wonderment of a child is so pure, and as … Read more