Dream Big and Reach for the Stars | Podcast

Podcast | Innovation

Innovation. It’s all around us. Be it this podcast, the novel “Reach for the Stars”, the run-and-shoot offense in football, the 3-pointer in basketball, driverless vehicles, automated refrigerators, writing, or exploration. In this episode of the Altered State of Affairs podcast we discuss innovation within the rules and breaking the rules with innovation. Innovation applies … Read more



1966. Woody Hayes was Coach at THE Ohio State University but all I could focus on was the gorgeous black-haired beauty sitting next to me in Spanish class. I was a 19-year-old frat boy with exploding hormones. Avra was 18 and…different. Instead of the standard mini-skirt and poor boy outfit with matching knee-high socks, this … Read more

Happy New Year: REACH for the STARS

Happy New Year: Reach for the Stars

Well, it has been over twelve hours since the Buckeye’s sad loss—time to move on. After all, my sixteen-year-old granddaughter, Aliyah, is awestruck by the new prospects, the hope, and the opportunity, that 2023 offers. “It’s a fresh start,” she says, “with so many possibilities!” The wonderment of a child is so pure, and as … Read more

THE GAME and the Genesis of Altered State of Affairs

THE GAME and the Genesis of Altered State of Affairs

Really, it’s not a game… it’s a culture—more than that—a legacy, handed down from generation to generation. Yes—even family before us! L’dor, v’dor. Seated in alphabetical order in Señorita Gonzales’s Spanish class is where it all began—where I met Terri. “But for Ohio State.” Two amazing sons, daughters-in-law, and five astounding grandchildren later—celebrating our heritage … Read more


Chapter One | Altered State of Affairs

Chapter 1  The year 2006 was a very good one; very good indeed. Saddam Hussein was killed, and I want to snuff the next crazy jihadist and all his asshole friends. Terrorists, or destructionists, as they prefer to be called, are no longer satisfied with destroying a bus, a plane, two enormous buildings, or gassing … Read more