I Hate Reminders | Patient Portal

I Hate Reminders

Critical Message in your Patient Portal. Sign in and open immediately! Oh my God! They forgot to tell me I have cancer. What else could be so critical that my doc sent this terrifying e-mail and now… multiple texts to boot? They tried to phone earlier, but I missed the call. The dire-sounding voicemail instructed … Read more

What's at Stake - Yan Vashem Holocaust Museum Jerusalem Israel


“What’s at stake?” is an often-asked question, but what does it really mean? In “Alternate State of Affairs” and its sequel, “Reach for the Stars,” saving humanity from a horrific weapon of mass destruction is the sole mission for Steven, Avra, and Cindy, the spiritual eyeless doll. Everything is at stake! Then, when all seems … Read more

Writing Is Therapy for the Soul

Writing Is Therapy for the Soul

Therapeutic catharsis opens my soul as I put pencil to paper. Confessing, purging, healing, and expanding my horizons—the mind-blowing benefits that I derive from writing. Besides helping me learn through investigation and research, it exercises my old brain cells that need constant maintenance. Like physical workouts that develop the osteo, cardio, and muscular components of … Read more