Cindy, the Enigmatic Doll from Away

Cindy, the Enigmatic Doll From Away

Cindy, the spiritual, all-knowing, introspective character in the “Alternate State of Affairs” series has elevated her storied status to breathless heights. She rules the roost—not in an absolute way but her mysterious ability to see the future has boosted her strategic importance in the plot. No decision is made without her input—not even the Mossad … Read more

I Hate Reminders | Patient Portal

I Hate Reminders

Critical Message in your Patient Portal. Sign in and open immediately! Oh my God! They forgot to tell me I have cancer. What else could be so critical that my doc sent this terrifying e-mail and now… multiple texts to boot? They tried to phone earlier, but I missed the call. The dire-sounding voicemail instructed … Read more

Leaving on a Jet Plane

“Leaving on a Jet Plane”

So… “Leaving on a jet plane,” as John Denver so beautifully sang, Cindy, Avra, and I were headed to the beach when a bizarre incident occurred. By the way—this is true—not fiction. Cindy loves to be swaddled, maybe because it gives her comfort, like always being in my rucksack…remembering the flooded Pyrenees tunnel in “Alternate … Read more

What's at Stake - Yan Vashem Holocaust Museum Jerusalem Israel


“What’s at stake?” is an often-asked question, but what does it really mean? In “Alternate State of Affairs” and its sequel, “Reach for the Stars,” saving humanity from a horrific weapon of mass destruction is the sole mission for Steven, Avra, and Cindy, the spiritual eyeless doll. Everything is at stake! Then, when all seems … Read more



1966. Woody Hayes was Coach at THE Ohio State University but all I could focus on was the gorgeous black-haired beauty sitting next to me in Spanish class. I was a 19-year-old frat boy with exploding hormones. Avra was 18 and…different. Instead of the standard mini-skirt and poor boy outfit with matching knee-high socks, this … Read more

Cleveland Ohio | Don't Knock the Rock | Canva

Don’t Knock the Rock

“You grew up in Cleveland, went to Cleveland Heights High—an Indians fan—you told me so in the French Pyrenees on our last mission,” my Mossad agent girlfriend, Avra reminds me. “Are you kidding me? The Tribe to the death. They broke my heart so many times. It was my father’s dream that they’d win a … Read more

Writing Is Therapy for the Soul

Writing Is Therapy for the Soul

Therapeutic catharsis opens my soul as I put pencil to paper. Confessing, purging, healing, and expanding my horizons—the mind-blowing benefits that I derive from writing. Besides helping me learn through investigation and research, it exercises my old brain cells that need constant maintenance. Like physical workouts that develop the osteo, cardio, and muscular components of … Read more

Perspective | an article by Jerald Kasimov


It’s all in the eye of the beholder. What is normal? What does upside down mean or its corollary—right side up? Left or right? In reference to what? … the observer or the creator? So, what’s the Metaverse? It’s that strange place that exists somewhere—but where? I’ll bet my 11-year-old granddaughter, Chloe, can tell you; … Read more

Happy New Year: REACH for the STARS

Happy New Year: Reach for the Stars

Well, it has been over twelve hours since the Buckeye’s sad loss—time to move on. After all, my sixteen-year-old granddaughter, Aliyah, is awestruck by the new prospects, the hope, and the opportunity, that 2023 offers. “It’s a fresh start,” she says, “with so many possibilities!” The wonderment of a child is so pure, and as … Read more