THE GAME and the Genesis of Altered State of Affairs

THE GAME and the Genesis of Altered State of Affairs

Really, it’s not a game… it’s a culture—more than that—a legacy, handed down from generation to generation. Yes—even family before us! L’dor, v’dor.

Seated in alphabetical order in Señorita Gonzales’s Spanish class is where it all began—where I met Terri. “But for Ohio State.” Two amazing sons, daughters-in-law, and five astounding grandchildren later—celebrating our heritage together—we call ourselves The Buckeye 11. We cheer—sometimes cry—but always revel in our good fortune having an unlimited passion for the love of our family and oh yeah—The Buckeyes.

Attending The Game together many times—and having blasted the team up north 50-14 in 1968, Terri and I traveled to the Rose Bowl and cheered our beloved Buckeyes to victory over OJ and his Trojans—winning the National Championship. Even Richard Nixon was there.

From then on— “But for Ohio State” became our mantra. Our kids and grandkids had no chance. They’re all crazy Buckeye Nation lifetime card holders—sealed in our hearts.

My book, ALTERED STATE of AFFAIRS would not have existed—Steven, Avra, and Cindy would never have met. The fire was lit— “But for THE Ohio State University!”

GO BUCKS!… whoops… sometimes they lose…

BUT The Buckeye 11 were together! We had a ball!

While you wait for the next game, read my book: Altered State of Affairs.