Writing Is Therapy for the Soul

Writing Is Therapy for the Soul

Therapeutic catharsis opens my soul as I put pencil to paper. Confessing, purging, healing, and expanding my horizons—the mind-blowing benefits that I derive from writing.

Besides helping me learn through investigation and research, it exercises my old brain cells that need constant maintenance. Like physical workouts that develop the osteo, cardio, and muscular components of my body, writing enriches and cultivates my gray matter. More than that, it allows me to broaden my horizons—to seek expansiveness as opposed to narrowmindedness. Writing has no limitations. You can expound on anything—real or fiction. There are no rules—infinity is my only goal, but it can never be reached—that’s what makes writing so tantalizing.

I can’t stop—it engulfs me—it’s who I am.

Writing is meditation—it awakens the senses and stimulates the endorphins, those wonderful natural drugs that make me happy and allow my brain to think more clearly. Like these drugs, writing is addictive—the more you write, the more you want to say. Let my soul speak through my writing—it’s fun!


Writing is therapy. So I wrote a novel: Altered State of Affairs. From the soul.

Writing is therapy. So I write blogs: Are you a Pantser or a Plotter?Perspective. From the soul.