COMMUNICATION: The Written Word by Jerald Kasimov


What is the written word? It can be anything—the Bible or a stop sign. Does it tell a story or send a message? It really doesn’t matter because the writer and the reader may have altered perspectives. Like with the visual arts, the creation and the creator may be in a different metaverse. Likewise, the reader and the observer may perceive the text or the object in diverse ways. The messenger may not agree with the message, but that’s okay as long as it stimulates some brain cells.

Is there a finite ending and a true beginning to the written word, or is it cyclical as in, “life has no beginning and has no ending.” Is the book really ever finished? If it is, then why are there sequels? Is a collage complete, or should the artist add one more piece of paper?

As a published author, I can now say that artists and writers are alike; how many times can you edit a text or draw one more line in a work of art? The real answer is when the creator looks in the mirror, and that person smiles back, winks and says, “ship that fucker.”

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