Happy New Year: REACH for the STARS

Happy New Year: Reach for the Stars

Well, it has been over twelve hours since the Buckeye’s sad loss—time to move on. After all, my sixteen-year-old granddaughter, Aliyah, is awestruck by the new prospects, the hope, and the opportunity, that 2023 offers.

“It’s a fresh start,” she says, “with so many possibilities!” The wonderment of a child is so pure, and as my grandfather used to say, “Vat vas… vas.”

In the coming year, Steven, Avra (his beautiful Mossad girlfriend), and Cindy (the spiritual eyeless doll) have a mind-blowing new mission to Cyprus where they “Reach for the Stars” trying to catch a nasty terrorist.

Steven, now a battle-tested warrior, is finally living up to his heritage—a genetically born and bred super Mossad agent. A plethora of thrills and dangers lurk in Ayia Napa, Cyprus—a jet-setter’s paradise.

“How do you decide what to write?” people ask. The answer is quite simple; I go where my characters take me. So, Steven, Avra, and Cindy are on a special top-secret mission, and I will make the journey with them. Come along for the ride!

Don’t miss it—we are leaving soon!

Happy New Year! And in the meantime, you can read book one, Altered State of Affairs. Now available on Amazon.

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