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Podcast | Inside the Minds of Authors with DC Gomez

This episode is from a guest appearance I had on DC Gomez’s chart-topping podcast, Inside the Minds of Authors. You can learn about DC, her many books, and her podcast on her website or Facebook page.

About the show, Inside the Minds of Authors:

“Welcome to Inside the Minds of Authors! The program brings you fun conversations with popular and up-and-coming authors. We start the program with a short reading by the author from their feature book, followed by a fun conversation to learn more about the book, the author, and their journey. New episodes are available on Monday nights. Happy Listening!”

About this episode:

Welcome to Inside the Minds of Authors. A podcast dedicated to bringing you passionate authors with exciting books. This evening the fabulous author, Mr. Jerald Kasimov, joins us with his debut book, Reach for the Stars.

Mr. Jerald Kasimov was born and raised in Cleveland. He’s a Buffalo city-dweller and a beach bum on a South Carolina barrier island. After a successful career as a dentist, entrepreneur, and real estate developer, he retired to pursue his love of writing.

A passionate Ohio State Buckeye, he and his amazing wife are living their dream and delighting in their dynamic kids and grandkids, all creating their own unique journeys. To learn more about Jerald’s adventures and books, check out his website at

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Episode Highlights:

Jerald’s Reading Session: Jerald reads excerpts from Chapters 31 and 32 of his new release, where protagonist Stephen, an Army Ranger, embarks on a perilous mission in the Pyrenees Mountains to locate a mysterious, eyeless doll in a mausoleum that is key to his mission.

Character Inspirations: A discussion on how Jerald’s characters are inspired by real-life figures, including the spiritually endowed doll ‘Cindy’, based on a doll owned by his wife, symbolizing unseen guidance and wisdom.

Creative Process: Jerald discusses his organic, spontaneous writing method, which he describes as being a ‘pantser‘—one who writes by the seat of his pants. He emphasizes the role of serendipity and intuition in his narrative developments.

Challenges of Transitioning Careers: Insights into Jerald’s shift from dentistry to writing, highlighting the discipline and passion required to embark on and sustain a creative path. Jerald discusses setting routines, embracing the quiet of the morning for writing, and the joy of unstructured creation.

Interactions with the Supernatural and Technology: Jerald explains the layered plot of his series that intertwines realistic military operations with mystical elements like talking dolls and ancient prophecies, reflecting on how these enhance the thematic depth of his stories.

Advice to Aspiring Authors: Jerald advises new writers to simply start writing, to engage with their stories personally, and to let their narratives evolve naturally. The importance of persistence and passion in writing comes through as he encourages writers to embrace their unique processes.

About the Book Series:

  • Altered State of Affairs: Follow the thrilling adventures of Steven, a bold Army Ranger, who, alongside a mystical, eyeless doll named Cindy, gets entangled in a high-stakes operation against global threats.
  • Reach for the Stars: The saga continues as Steven and Cindy confront new adversaries and unearth deep secrets that could change the course of history.

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