Cindy, the Enigmatic Doll from Away

Cindy, the Enigmatic Doll From Away

Cindy, the spiritual, all-knowing, introspective character in the “Alternate State of Affairs” series has elevated her storied status to breathless heights. She rules the roost—not in an absolute way but her mysterious ability to see the future has boosted her strategic importance in the plot. No decision is made without her input—not even the Mossad Chief although he doesn’t admit to it.

Really, who is she?… this inexplicable kooky doll—a total knockout—but, for sure not the best dresser around. An eyeless wonder with matted hair, cracked cheeks, and a frail bunting does not require conventional sensory input? She looks inward, but her innards are soul grabbing. Somehow, in a different time/space continuum, she perceives the unknown in all dimensions and engages the un-reality.  By respecting the past, embracing the present, the future naturally comes to her.

As a time traveler, she is able to protect Avra and Steven through life in the here and the away. As a spirit, her extra-worldly cognition gives Cindy the ability to detect danger beyond the established physical realm.

Cindy, a multiverse inhabitant, possesses insight and skills from alternate realities, enhancing her problem solving approach. Her experiences across these other dominions expand her understanding of toxic snares and provide a more robust arsenal to fight evil.

Maybe, just maybe, she is Steven’s alter-ego and the embodiment of his deeply perceptive and intuitive subconscious. A guiding force for Avra and Steven, her wondrous wisdom maintains a grounded connection from their past to the unpredictable future.

Cindy envelops them in a mystical protective cocoon—a moral compass—avoiding negativity. Simply stated, Cindy is a loveable rockstar!… but she’s still Avra’s childhood doll and occasionally can be seen sporting a small cap from The Ohio State University.

She dominates her adversaries and protects her nest in the next book, “Awayness,” of the “ASofA” series.

For now, you can buy books one and two on Amazon, starring Cindy, the enigmatic doll:

Book One: Altered State of Affairs

Book Two: Reach for the Stars

Book Three: Awayness | Coming to a bookstore near you and afar in 2024!

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