Reviews reviews reviews


Review this, review that—just make sure it’s a five-star or don’t bother.

Unbelievable—only seconds after any professional encounter comes a survey or an obtrusive request for a rating or a damn review. “How was your experience? Would you recommend us to a friend, a foe, or any other asshole?”

On the surface, it seems they value my opinion—but they don’t, really—they just want artificial ratings to boost their position on Google. Texts, emails, and phone calls pierce my peace—my precious calmness. “Leave me alone; get out of my face,” I declare, but to no avail.

These garish snares invade my privacy—from restaurants, doctors, cable companies, and all the terrible airlines that can’t get their acts together. “So tell me, Jerry, what do you think about our bad service, cold food, or our garlic-breathing dental hygienist?”

You really want to know? You fokkers can’t handle the truth. Stop bothering me—except for my wife’s amazing neurosurgeon—who gave her her back backenhancing our lives. We reached out, and WE asked, “How do we give you a 10-star thank you?” He deserved it.

On the other hand, now that I’m a published author, I need reviews—good ones. “C’mon man—do it. Now that the shoe is on the other foot—pump me up on Amazon. The “Altered State of Affairs” series. You’ll love it.


In fact, you can buy books one and two of the series on Amazon 😉

Book One: Altered State of Affairs

Book Two: Reach for the Stars

Book Three: Awayness | Coming to a bookstore near you and afar in 2024!

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