Ode to a Caregiver

 Ode to a Caregiver

The giving of care is really the giving of oneself—giving soul—for the betterment of another soul—my soulmate.

I am a caregiver but will soon be unemployed because my client—my mate—is breaking all records for rehabilitation. Our brilliant young neurosurgeon is very pleased with the incredible outcome and himself. He should be. A remarkable conclusion.

But the journey to obtain such an extraordinary result filled our days with chaos and uncertainty and—PAIN—excruciating pain for six months. Pain, pain, pain—but no gain. Chiropractic maneuvers, epidural injections, and constant frustration trying to navigate the medical universe of bullshit.

Long story, but we finally found him—our spine savior.

Being a caregiver is all there is—every moment of the day. All else becomes secondary, including your own health and sanity. You have ultimate responsibility—totality—for another person’s life. How’s that for stress?

A human being has given you their blessed permission to give care, be in charge of their well-being, and protect them from evil. A monumental and shattering task. A mind fucker. An energy sucker. But, in the end, I am the protector, the facilitator, and the grabber for everything big and small—hard or gooey—that has fallen on the floor.

So, what would you do? Of course, there is only one path to take—love leads to the proper destination because you do what you must. A soulmate is forever. What could be more perfect than that?


To float amongst the interstellar waves of life-saving produces wiseness and goodness. Focusing our energy on ONE future transcends holiness. She is mine—ONE life—ONE soul.


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